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I was still a teenager when I graduated from the University of Lagos and carried out my National Youth Service in one of the South-South States in Nigeria, Though I was the youngest in the NYSC camp, somehow, I was appointed the Platoon leader of my platoon; this meant I was the leader of a group of about 36 colleagues, most of them old enough to be my uncles and aunties. I had to dig in deeper into myself to command respect and admiration within my platoon. This was my first major stint with leadership.

Fast forward by 25 years, my direct and practical involvement with Professional Network Building was eye-opening and gave me a whole new perspective of the word “Networking”. I discovered that I had spent 17 years of my life (and youthfulness) as an employee in an ICT company and a resource for the employers to get rich and really care less about me; I had served them without me being served: No matter how good I was… I could never reach the peak of that organization. I was a modern slave and had little to show for it.


Professional Network Building opened my eyes to the great value in people and gave me the opportunity to tap into my entrepreneurial spirit. It also presented me with the opportunity to practice true leadership; Leadership by what you do, not what you say. It gave me the opportunity to intentionally grow so that I can increase the value I carry in order to have more to give others. Focusing on giving value to people, building them, helping them grow and showing them how to do the same thing I do is so fulfilling to me and is my own idea of true wealth.

God has blessed me with good people; a good family, good friends, Great Teachers, Mentors and Coaches whom I still learn from, everyday, and good mentees and “coachees”.

All I want to do is give the best of my knowledge, my experience to help others to grow in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Personal Development, not only by myself, but more by connecting them to my teachers, mentors and my coaches. I want to make friends, meet people and share with them as much as I can… The more people I add value to, the wealthier I become.

If you are Open-Minded, People-Minded and you possess a Positive Attitude (OPP), we can learn a lot from each other as you join me on this journey of becoming Men and Women of Great Impact in Business, in Leadership, in Attitude, in our Community, in our Organizations, in our Nations.

Welcome to my World!

Would you like to work with me?

What people are saying

I’ve met people and made new friends… we’ve interacted and given value to one another; here’s what some of them are saying… 

Tunde Ogunde is an exemplary Leader, very passionate in seeing people grow and develop their hidden potentials.
He is a great team player and a man of diverse skills and ideas for business while being so accommodating of other people’s viewpoints and expertise.

Angela Michael-Sanda

Hospitality Professional &
Certified Communicator

Learning with Tunde is a joyous and intelligent one with amazing discoveries all the way. With all his sessions he shares real experiences you can relate with. Following his YouTube channel has given me more clarity with my goals and dreams. His team is definitely a winning team.

Margaret Dakwat

Senior Technology Officer
FHI 360

I have always known “Wapa” as we popularly call him at the workplace (our meeting place) as someone who is very focused and contented, two attributes I still admire in him till today. If he says he will do it he will patiently achieve it. I still learn from my Egbon – Tunde Ogunde, I am learning to be a silent achiever who is never threatened by peers or competition.

Akin Oduwole

Technology Global Services

Most who know me are proud of the man I have become. Little do they know the huge impact Mr Tunde has had in my life. My study abroad wouldn’t have been possible without his leadership role and guidance. He is a great teacher who lives by what he preaches, a great networker who wouldn’t mind travelling the globe to acquire new knowledge. As his protege, his lifestyle and professionalism is a torch that brightens my tunnel.

Usman Omeiza

Daily Finland Newspaper

I have known Tunde Ogunde since 1986 as a very principled teenager who would always influence you to do the right thing.
He is a good leader that guides you with the truth in whatever issue you bring to him.
Tunde is innovative, a great communicator and very passionate about impacting lives.

Brayila Franca Awofeso

House of Sapphires Women

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Stella Alba

CEO, Acme Industries